#SPLYCSGO Dominates BESL Pro Season 1, Week 1

Fri 2nd Mar 2018 - 12:28am : Gaming
The first game between Team SPLY and Aesthetic kicks off on the map mirage with SPLY winning the knife round and deciding to start the map on CT Side. SPLY edge out a 2-0 lead after the pistol round but end up falling to Aesthetic in the first gun round with davsty getting a massive 4k to secure the round leaving the scoreline to 2-1. After taking a Tactical Pause Team SPLY completely destroys Aesthetic and gets 5 more rounds to end the half 9-6 favored for SPLY. In the 2nd half of the game Team SPLY absolutely destroy Aesthetic getting 7 rounds in a row to end the game with SPLY leading 16-6.The 2nd pistol round goes in favor of Team SPLY enabling them to start the half with 3 rounds leaving the scoreline to 12-6. Team SPLY completely destroys Aesthetic on the first gun round forcing 2 of their players to save the guns for the next round.
The first map ends with Team SPLY absolutely destroying Aesthetic with the scoreline of 16-6. Emis2 of Team SPLY definitely deserves the MVP for this game ending it with a total of 28 kills. The second map of this series is Train. SPLY have won the first pistol round of the second game leaving the scoreline to 3-0. SPLY will not give Aesthetic a break, they are completely destroying them on their map pick 9-1 in favor of Team SPLY. Finally Aesthetic gets the 2nd round but now there is a chance to completely reset Aesthetic. This first half seems to be over with SPLY completely resetting Aesthetic with hek getting a kill on choice through a smoke. The last round of the 1st half kykaho gets an amazing 3 man spray-down in B ramp leaving the scoreline to 13-2 for Team SPLY. This game is pretty much over with Team SPLY getting the 2nd pistol round of this game, let them get 2 rounds on this half but Aesthetic somehow manage to get the next 2 rounds of this half to leave Team SPLY in a horrible money situation (15-4 in favor of Team SPLY). I am pretty sure Aesthetic have finally turned on their monitors and have gotten 5 rounds this half, leaving a very slim chance of a comeback with the scoreline of 15-8. But finally, Team SPLY have crushed Aesthetics dream of the comeback by completely destroying them with pistols to close the 2nd map 16-9) leaving Team SPLY 2-0 for BESL Pro S1, Week 1.



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